Friday, October 28, 2005

CFB Weekend: Quick 11

Ohio State at Minnesota- The Gophers are just waiting to collapse. They take the Buckeyes at home. Supposedly it s a dangerous situation for OSU... I ain't buyin it.
Ohio State 34 Minnesota 17

Oklahoma at Nebraska- This used to be a top rivalry in college football. Well the Big 8 is history and neither team runs their patented offenses any more. As for the 2005 game I think NU wins it, chalk it up to home field advantage. The demise of OU will be remembered after this game.
Nebraska 23 Oklahoma 21

Maryland at Florida State- In a minute I'm going to write a piece on the worst uni's in college football... one of these teams will be featured. Anyhow, Florida State will lose one more game this year at least. This won't be it. Expect the Seminoles to put up points.
Florida State 41 Maryland 24

Washington State at USC- The media is going to cover the hell out of this game because they like kissing USC's royal asses. I'll spare you.
USC 45 Washington State 23

Iowa State at Texas A&M- All year long I've secretly thought A&M had a shot at beating Texas at the end of the year. I'm not exactly ready to back off that statement... but if I'm not impressed this weekend by the Aggies I will. For the record I think the Aggies will give em' hell... in the 4th Quarter. It'll stay close for a while.
Texas A&M 27 Iowa State 13

UCLA at Stanford- It seems like this UCLA team is just ripe to be beaten. But can I possibly pick a team that lost to UC-DAVIS to beat an undefeated UCLA? No- so I'll take a step back and say UCLA gets them on the last possession. Maurice Drew prompts more recognition as "Diet Reggie Bush" by having a big day.
UCLA 41 Stanford 38

Michigan at Northwestern
- Besides the game in J'ville this ought to be the most interesting game of the week. On one hand you've got the white-hot Northwestern Wildcats- a team everyone in America is cheering for. On the other you've got the Michigan Wolverines- the same Michigan Wolverines we've seen every year since 1997. Utterly, boringly, incomprehensibly on their way to another 8/9/10-3 season. Earlier this week I wrote that Northwestern was on the rise, but that's not why I'm going to pick them. I'm going to pick them because this is the same Michigan team as always.
Northwestern 27 Michigan 24

Purdue at Penn State
- The quintessential Big 10 nooner- except its the 2:30 ABC game. These teams are headed in opposite directions. This Purdue team sure was a bust.
Penn State 20 Purdue 6

Texas at Oklahoma State- This isn't Bedlam so the 'Boys aren't going to be interested in an unbelievable upset. The Longhorns take this one... big.
Texas 55 Oklahoma State 19

North Carolina at Miami- The Canes have VT next week- and will probably be looking ahead. Last week I thought the UNC/UVA score was abysmal and couldn't get any worse. Then I came home after the LSU/Auburn game and saw the Bama/Vols score. Right. In any event UNC is going to scare the shit out of the Canes. Watch out Miami.
Miami 27 North Carolina 24

USM at North Carolina State
- I'm boycotting the Big East, so really that's the only reason why I'm picking this game. I want USM to win- and I believe they can. That's why I'm picking the Wolfpack.
NC State 26 USM 17


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