Thursday, October 13, 2005

Concert Review: Robert Earl Keen Jr. and the Captain Legendary Band

While I love writing about college football.... I had such a good time at the Robert Earl Keen show last night, I felt compelled to write about it.

The concert was set at the SoGo Live in good ole downtown Baton Rouge, and since my buddies and I weren't from the BR and had never been to SoGo, we didn't know where the hell it was. So after driving aimlessly through the streets of downtown BR we asked help from a cop (the only time a cop has ever been helpful) and found our way to the venue.

The opener was the Captain Legendary Band, some native Baton Rougians. They were pretty good... very "College Band." They were a country band and did some old covers. They had the look, they need to develop their sound to find an "identity" as a band I guess. Still very fun though.

But Robert Earl is what we came to hear. Robert Earl Keen is an old-Texas country kinda guy. He doesn't conform to the Nashville-run-of-the-mill-bubblegum-country-sell-your-soul-to-the-ceo type stuff that most country musicians sell out to. But boy does he sound real good. His band was top-notch and sounded incredible on "Corpus Christi Bay" "That Buckin Song" and "Feelin Good Again". In fact they sounded freakin awesome on every song. But Robert Earl really shines when he gets up front by himself and plays "Front Porch Song". If you haven't heard "Front Porch Song"... download it. Great song, especially if you like to keep it laid back and alcoholized.

But in the middle of the best part some douchebag Pike pledge who is drunk falls backwards, grabs a wire from the stage, and pulls on it to keep his balance. In the process Robert Earl's guitar is unplugged and he gets pissed. Well he went back and played the part, but he was not happy. Later on towards the end of the night the same pledge throws beer or some other beverage all up in the air, on the stage, on REK Jr. REK steps up to the edge, bends down, and grabs the kid by his collar and yanks him up. I believe his words were "Don't fuck with me during my concert". Needless to say the kid left.

I don't believe Robert Earl was too happy after that, but he ended with the amazing "The Road Goes on Forever (And the Party Never Ends). He went throgh that song as fast as he could, he was ready to hit the road, and he was pissed. After the show we walked past him storming onto his tour bus after yelling at some SoGo employees. Good ol' Robert was pissed. Oh well, he played an amazing show, and he wore us out. Hopefully he'll be back in the BR area some time soon.

So if you like good music, and REK is playing in town, I suggest you go take it in. Rating out of ten: 9.


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