Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cupcake Special: North Texas at LSU

(The Mean Green take on the Tigers!)

We get our first cupcake of the year this Saturday... and boy do we need it. Our boys are banged up, the coaches running out of ideas, and the backups getting rusty. A very good time for a creampuff.

Lord knows Ryan Perilloux is probably itching to transfer right now, and God help us if Addai gets hurt, because his backups are sucking it up right now, and we REALLY need to work on our catching. If you want to see the future of LSU... stop by this Saturday. The best game in Tiger Stadium this weekend however is on Sunday when the San Antonio Saints welcome Saint Nick and his 'Phins. Honestly I don't feel like going into the details of the Mean Green matchup... just know the AD at North Texas will be happy with all the green he's getting for this game.

Half time score: LSU 31 North Texas 3
Final score: LSU 51 North Texas 13


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