Monday, October 10, 2005

LSU 34 Vanderbilt 6

Nashville has always been a strange place for LSU- witness the game in 1997 which ended Cecil "The Diesel" Collins's short but memorable career with LSU, or the game in 1991 when LSU had a game-winning touchdown reception called back for offensive pass-interference. Add that to Vandy's shocking 4-1 start, the SEC's most experienced, and dare I say: clutch QB, the most swiss-cheese(if you look closely at the pic you might see Derek Hagan and Moey Mutz) LSU D since the Tepper era, and Les "is not more" Miles and you've got a recipe for Cajun suicide.

But alack and alas for the Commies, LSU's D came with their A game on Saturday night. For a second I thought maybe Saint Nick was on the sidelines, but then we got on offense and I remembered it was all a tantalizing mirage. Our offense has some nice guys, we aren't Texas Tech, we don't beat the living shit out of directional schools for the sheer satanic joy of it. But please.... JaMarcus, Joseph, Justin.... you can be nice and not hand them the ball at the same time.

So five turnovers after we put up a TD on them and the score is 9 to 6. It seems like its time to look around for a convict we can sacrifice from the team(Cecil the Diesel style) in order to eke out a W... when finally the O comes alive and we get some points. Now if they'll stop showing Cutler's parents I might get a LITTLE bit of satisfaction out of the game. We win 34-6, but it was a very unconvincing 34-6, but at least they've stopped showing Cutler's parents.


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