Monday, October 24, 2005

LSU Recap: LSU 20 Auburn 17

LSU 20 Auburn 17- Well LSU shortened my life by about three months with the unnecessary amount of added stress they created Saturday night. I'd like to personally thank Mr. John Vaughn for his kindness. The overtime win was spectacular considering how ungodly dreadful I felt before Chris Jackson's kick to tie the game at 17 in the 4th, and his kick to take the lead in OT. To top it off the people behind me asked me to SIT down during the 4th Qtr. and Overtime. Are you freaking kidding me? SIT FREAKING DOWN?

The first half was pretty decent on our part- Skyler had an electrifying TD run on a punt return. The half would end at 7-3 LSU. Compared to last week's game it was astonishingly fast moving. LSU gave up a touchdown to Kenny Irons to open the third quarter, but we quickly returned the favor with an 18 yard Russel-to-Bowe touchdown reception.

Kenny Irons managed to churn out 218 yards for the Plainsmen, and LSU's defense gave an exhibition on how NOT to tackle. But brandon Cox had trouble moving the ball on the Tigers pass defense. Cox gained 221 yards on 16 completions. The LSU offense moved the ball well but never fully capitalized. They missed two field goals and had a stunning drop by Dwayne Bowe in the 4th quarter.

A five-yard touchdown pass from Cox to TE Anthony Mix gave AU a three-point lead. Chris Jackson tied the game up with a minute left at 17. Auburn could not hit a game winning field goal- kicker John Vaughn's fourth miss- so the game went to OT.

It was LSU's second Overtime game in 2005, and just like the first they lost the toss, chose to play towards the student section, and had to settle for a field goal. This time, unlike against Tennessee LSU managed to stop Auburn's offense and force a Vaughn field goal attempt. Vaughn's kick looked to be heading for good, but much to the relief and amazement of the crowd... the ball CLUNKED against the upright and bounced into the endzone. A very strange game, a very lucky win, a very heartbreaking loss. All are characteristic of LSU-Auburn matchups, and 2005 lived up to that reputation.


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