Monday, October 17, 2005

LSU Recap: LSU Performance Grades


D-Line: A+ Excellent game for the whole line. Wroten and Williams were nasty in the middle, and Pittman and Oliver were consistantly getting around their blockers to provide pressure. The running game wasn't too damaging, most of UF's yards came from draw plays- something that has been beating us all year. Still, top-notch, spot-on, what-can-I-say kind of performance here.

Linebackers: A- Highsmith is really developing into a class LB. He is leading the team in tackles and comes up with a ton of big plays. Vaughn was as consistant as ever also. The only negative is that they LB's had a hard time stopping the draw to Deshawn Wynn. We cannot afford to let Ken Darby run wild on us in T-town, or Kenny Irons to run wild on us on Saturday.

Defensive Backs: B+ It would be an A, but I felt there were times when the receivers were open and Leak just didn't make the plays. Also there were a couple plays- namely one involving Laron Landry- when we could have picked the ball off and dropped it. Otherwise this is likely the Defensive Backfield's best game of the year.


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