Sunday, October 30, 2005

LSU Weekend: Mean Green Make Mean Cupcakes

Not much to say about this one folks, LSU beat the hell outta the Green. 56-3 was the final score, and boy did it feel good to kick ass again.

As for the actual run of play... well I'd say the offense did very well even though Russell started a bit shaky. Addai ran the ball well while he was in, and Carey, Vincent, and Hester all had really good games. The receivers also had an excellent game. Buster Davis was really on last night, and Early Doucet caught two touchdowns in the latter stages of the game. Matt Flynn was superb in the fourth quarter, he didn't throw an incomplete pass and had three TD's.

The defense was a little shaky- but they only let in three. It was a little bit "bend-but-don't-break"- but as long as they don't score I'll take it. We had too many penalties, so we must keep working to end this ailment.

If you thought this was an awful game- well just wait til next week.


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