Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Rising and Falling

Here are the players and teams who are rising and falling this week:


RISING: WR Skyler Green- Yeah I know, y'all know who Skyler is already, but after a ho-hum performance at best against Florida Skyler came back in a big way against Auburn. If only we could give him the ball on every play.

LB Ali Highsmith- The sophomore linebacker has been a knockout so far this year for the Tigers, and he keeps getting better every game. He ought to have a field day against North Texas and Appalachian State. He is a WLB who swarms to the ball, look for him on All-American lists in the future.

Falling: WR Dwayne Bowe- Yes I know Bowe caught a TD against Auburn, but he looked terrible in the latter stages of the game. He held up on a fade route where it looked like he could have caught the ball, and he dropped a perfect pass in the endzone- a catch which would have prevented overtime.

Rising: Arkansas Razorbacks- Maybe not this year, and maybe not next year, but just wait- the Hawgs are on the up. The QB situation is screwed this year, but next year High School All-American Mitch Mustain comes in to Hawgvegas- and he's going to get a chance to play. Couple this with the Hawgs ground game- Darren McFadden, Felix Jones, Peyton Hillis- and you have a recipe for success. Once they revamp the D they could be in for a good thing.

Darren McFadden
- So I already said Arkansas. But this Frosh TB is something special. McFadden has been tearing it up so far this year for the Hawgs (190 against Georgia last Saturday). They expected to have a solid backfield with DeArrius Howard and Peyton Hillis- but McFadden has blown them away. The group of young RB's in the SEC is a very deep crop- and McFadden may be the best.

Falling: Tennessee Volunteers- The Vols are having a terrible season- and the end may not be as close as it seems. They have looked downright awful on offense and special teams this year and nobody seems to know what to do... except Voluminous and TennVolChamp. That is... fire Fulmer and Sanders. Regardless the Vols have potential upsets against South Carolina and Vandy looming as well as a nightmare trip to South Bend.

John Vaughn- 5 missed field goals. Need I say more?


Rising: Northwestern- The Wildcats beat the living shit out of a team who was ranked above them on the road, on their homecoming. Since Gary Barnett took over in the 90's this team has had a hard-working attitude and managed to win even though they were perennial underdogs. Brett Basanez is simply superb at QB for them, and Tyrell Sutton is a fantastic back. Simply put: Its hard to cheer against this team.

Jerome Harrison- The Cougs may have lost... but Harrison absolutely torched the Cal D. His 160 yards against the Bears were nothing compared to what he did against UCLA (260 yards) and Stanford (218 yards). The Cougars are riding this guy like a horse, and I'll be shocked if he doesn't end up on a roster next year.

Falling: Virginia- Just when everyone forgot Virginia's ho-hum start the Cavs go and shoot themselves in the foot. Sexy Results wasn't surprised, and neither was I. It seems like the Cavs have been stuck in the same spot since the win over FSU in 1995... good enough to make a bowl every year, and bad enough to make a crappy one every year. Hoos gonna be in Boise?

Drew Stanton- The Michigan State QB was a media darling after the Notre Dame game. Who cares anymore? His performance against Northwestern (20-38 234 yards, 1 TD, 3 INT) was shockingly below par considering. Yeah, the yardage was pretty good... but the INT's were killers.


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