Monday, October 17, 2005

Ryan's Top 25

1. USC- Lucky to be here
2. Texas- If they do well against T-Tech I may bump them up
3. Virginia Tech- Won't move until they, USC, or Texas loses or until the Miami game
4. Georgia- Looking more impressive every game
5. Alabama- Not a performance they wanted, but not enough to slide them
6. Miami- Creeping under the radar
7. LSU- Eventually the turnovers will get to them
8. Notre Dame- So unlucky, should have won
9. UCLA- Need to start winning games handily
10. Texas Tech- Second game of the season this week
11. Ohio State- Looking like Big 10 favorites
12. Auburn- First real test on road coming up
13. Florida State- Disappointing loss against UVA shows this team ain't that great
14. Boston College- Lucky to pull out a win against lowly Wake
15. Penn State- Hardly a surprising loss, still in the Big 10 lead though
16. Florida- Do they have an offense?
17. Oregon- Looking better with every game
18. Wisconsin- Do they have a defense?
19. Michigan State- Northwestern game is huge if they want a shot at the Big 10
20. Tennessee- Will prove doubters wrong with Fourth Saturday win
21. Northwestern- Puts themselves in a position to win Big 10 with win against MSU
22. West Virginia- Favorites to win Big East
23. Virginia- Collapse probable
24. Iowa- Still in the Big 10 hunt, need to beat Michigan this Saturday
25. TCU- Looks to be best non-BCS conference team (besides ND)


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