Sunday, October 16, 2005

Saturday Recap: LSU 21 Florida 17: By The Ways

By the way: Is it me or is JaMarcus Russel overrated? Every analyst says he is "improving" every game. But is he? I'm not saying he's getting worse, but he's not really improving. He made some dumb decisions that led/almost led to turnovers. Also I remember a coulpe of plays where if he had made a better throw, we would have scored. There is one Early Doucet catch which comes to mind. It was a 20 yard completeion, which is great, but if Russel had made a good pass it would have been a 55 yard TD or something along those lines.

By the way: Shyrone Carey should be put in ahead of Justin Vincent: Vincent has not been doing well all year, and the fumble yesterday only solidifies this. Vincent right now is essentially only a 3rd down back, and Carey is a better than Vincent in this role in my opinion.

By the way: I don't think the spread option is going to work in the SEC.


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