Sunday, October 16, 2005

Saturday Recap: LSU 21 Florida 17

Well to talk about Saturday I have to talk about Friday night. I don't think I've ever had a worst night of sleep than on Friday. So after hours of miserable no-sleep I got up at 3 AM and read Rammer Jammer Yello Hammer and the Tailgater's Guide to SEC Football. I tried to go to sleep at 6:30, but about twenty minutes later I said "Fuck it", took a shower, put on my gameday T, jeans, Sperry's, and my LSU hat and hiked a half/mile to campus. I think I will take a morning walk to campus every gameday now. It was perfect, the air was crisp, breezy, the crowds were filling up, the grills being fired up, beers cracking open, people had beers in one hand and coffe in the other. Very inspiring walk around the stadium.

Now to the game: The first half was incredibly long, INCREDIBLY long. Things were looking up for us, we were moving the ball and stuffing the spread option. 14-0 looks good to me. But we all know what happened against Tennessee.

Well we tried to pull a Tennessee. That is, we turned the ball over 5 times, gave them 17 points, and started running the same plays over-and-over again. When we didn't turn the ball over their offense had no shot. Leak was terrible, the only play that worked all game was that little draw they kept running. The D-line looked fantastic, Williams, Oliver, Wroten, Pittman, and co. had pressure the whole game. I was in the upper deck and knew that Leak was getting battered. My roomate, who is an equipment manager and was helping the chain game was on the field, and he said "You have no idea." Anyway we won, which is all that matters really. And it was exactly as I predicted it to be.


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