Wednesday, October 26, 2005

SEC Rankings 3-4

3. LSU Tigers- The Tigers got a big win Saturday against Auburn and now have North Texas and Appalachian State. The offense didn't turn the ball over against the 'Barners but still looked a bit off. Perhaps Dwayne Bowe and Early Doucet have learned how to catch again- but its not likely. The D played good- except for the whole tackling part on a couple of plays. If it wasn't for that second half against Tennessee this team would be a legitimate title contender. For now the Tigers are on the outside- hoping everyone loses.
Up next: North Texas

4. Auburn Tigers- The 'Barners lost to the foot of John Vaughn Saturday against LSU and now take on Ole Miss. The Tigers looked good in the losing effort, especially RB Kenny Irons. QB Brandon Cox looked steady against the hostile crowd of Tiger Stadium, and the Defense was never really blown open by LSU. In fact Auburn mostly played like winners against LSU... except for the whole kicking part.
Up next: Ole Miss


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