Wednesday, October 26, 2005

SEC Rankings 5-8

5. Florida Gators- The Gators are at eight only because everyone else sucks more than them. Basically if Florida is going to have any shot in Jacksonville this weekend the offense is going to have to make something happen. Chris Leak HAS to make plays, the WR's HAVE to catch the ball, DeShawn Wynn will HAVE to come up with a big run, the line HAS to protect Leak. The defense also needs to stop the Georgia rushing attack.
Up next: Georgia (Jacksonville)

6. Georgia Tech- The Techsters don't need a calculator to figure this year out (they'll use one anyway though). If they are going to have any shot at reaching the SEC Championship Reggie Ball has to start playing big in big games. It also hurts that more people attend South Gwinnet High School football games than attend Bobby-Dodd Stadium.
Up next: Clemson

7. Tennessee- The Vols need to get their shit together. The offense is dire, the defense is incredible, the special teams is well "special". Like I said after the Bama game- Tennessee has a better shot of losing to Vanderbilt than beating Notre Dame in South Bend. This season has been a nightmare for Vol fans, Fulmer needs to take his head out of the Krispy Kreme box and do something about it. Right now this team is lucky to not be heading for a losing season.
Up next: South Carolina

8. South Carolina- The Gamepenises get the same treatment as Florida- they're here because they suck less than everyone else. Right now the ass kickin chickens have a shot at an upset against Tennessee, but the Cock n' Fire needs to be like the South Carolina offense circa 1st Qtr UCF game. The Ol' Ball Coach has a legitimate shot at making a bowl game this year- don't fumble it Stevie baby.
Up next: at Tennessee


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