Monday, October 24, 2005

SEC Recap: Alabama 6 Tennessee 3

Alabama 6 Tennessee 3- For the second week in a row Jamie "Money" Christensen helped Alabama eke out a win with a game winning field goal. Last week it was Coach O's Ole Miss Rebels who were the victimes, this week it was the Tennessee Vols who had to slink off the field with their heads hanging.

The Tide and the Vols fought hard for sixty minutes before Christensen settled it. The two defenses shined the whole game, and neither offense could get a rhythm. The Vols had their best TD oppurtunity late in the 4th Quarter, but a series of penalties, mistakes, and finally a fumble kept them from the endzone.

Cory Anderson's rumble towards the endzone on 3rd and Goal was stopped short by Bama safety Roman Harper, and the ball jarred loose. On any other day, in any other year the ball may have bounced to a Tennessee player... but on this day, in this year the ball bounced in the favor of the elephants as if it was guided by the Bear's hand.

Following the fumble QB Brodie Croyle and his offense marched down the field before giving Christensen his shot to win the game. Key runs by Ken Darby and a 43 yard Croyle-to-DJ Hall hookup gave "Money" his shot. And his shot was right on the money.

These two teams are headed in opposite directions- Bama looking to November 12 with hope and anticipation. They should be 9-0 when they take on LSU in Bryant-Denny. The Vols are left looking towards November 5 and their trip to South Bend. They need a win against the Irish to save their season. Sure, the win in Tiger Stadium was amazing, but right now Tennessee has a better chance of losing to Vanderbilt than beating Notre Dame.


Blogger Voluminous said...

"right now Tennessee has a better chance of losing to Vanderbilt than beating Notre Dame."

hate to say it but I agree with you. Great win on Saturday

3:14 PM  
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