Tuesday, October 11, 2005

SEC schedules get the best of good teams

Everybody's down on UT, just check out Voluminous and you'll see the ranting and raving of many UT fans. But honestly- every year one major SEC team is forced to run the proverbial "gauntlet" of conference games. Last year my Tigers played at Auburn, at Georgia, and at Florida in a span of four weeks- very similar to UT's nightmare this year. Its preposterous to claim that UT is a wreck this year and a major disappointment (not that they aren't) and proclaim the other UT to be the 2nd best or best team in the land. Its a crime for a big time program to go through such an easy schedule- Ohio State and Oklahoma don't look so hot now do they? Their two hardest games left are against a largely untested Texas Tech team, and a dire Texas A&M. And it isn't Texas's fault, coming in they had a pretty formidable schedule which certainly stacked up with that of USC... but to have some teams waltz through their conferences while others have to hit the road and play in the Swamp and Tiger Stadium in back to back weeks is idiotic. Everbody has proclaimed the sudden Penn State "renaissance"- but up until OSU they had not received a tough game- Minnesota is hardly a world-beater... they fold up every October, it just so happens Purdue and Michigan picked this year to suck royally. So while you can get down on Fat Phil, and you can bash his playcalling, the stupid mistakes by Clausen and Ainge, the dropped balls... its hardly surprising that UT is 1-2 in the SEC after playing at UF, at LSU, and UGA in Neyland. *end rambling*


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