Thursday, October 13, 2005

SEC Weekend: Alabama at Ole Miss

The first SEC game of the weekend pits the Tide and the Rebs in Oxford. I give an advantage to Ole Miss... I mean Bama has some great fans and they travel to every game, but you can't beat the Grove. Chandeliers at tailgate parties? TOP-NOTCH. Also, how many NC's has UA won? 12. UM? 3 at the most, with the last one coming in 1963 or so. And they still get great support from the Grove. So thus, the Grove over Bama's travelling legion of non-alums.

Oh yeah, and the game. I'm only gonna say it once: Prothro. There, I got the obligatory mention of the guy who got hurt when the game was over out of the way. Bama has a definite advantage in this game, and really should have an easy time of it. After all, Ole Miss has only beaten them eight or so times in all of history. But something says the Rebs are gonna creep up on the Bleach. The Rebs will get fired up, cause thats what Coach O does, gets you fired up. It doesn't matter if he doesn't communicate in normal American-English tongue, its sorta like Bluto: "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? HELL NO!" The Deltas are fired up, and likewise the Rebs will be fired up too.

The Rebs may get one first down all game long. Spurlock or Lane? We don't really know who the QB is for UM. Supposedly Lane will get some PT... its very reminiscent of the Randall-Russel thing at LSU last year or maybe the Clausen-Ainge deal at UT. Either way the Bama D will smother them like an infant under a blanket. For the Rebs, their D may have to be their best O.

The Rebs have a pretty good D, and potentially can stop the Croyle engine. But they have to be very bend-but-don't-break. I know... its not the most fun D to have your D run, but it comes in handy when you are playing a high caliber offense. The Tide will likely score points... but they are prone to "off" games. Just look at the USM and Middle Tennessee games from earlier this year. They weren't "electrifying" like they were against the Cocks and the Gators.

So here is what I think: The Rebs come out ready to go and play fired up ball and contain the Tide. HT score: Tide 10 Rebs 3

2nd Half: The Tide start to bust it loose towards the mid-3rd, the Rebs D can only hold back the Tide for so long. They get back some points in the late 3rd and late 4th, but ultimately the Tide offense just outpaces them.

Final Score: Alabama 27 Ole Miss 13

A respectable performance for the Rebs, a typical "SEC" win for the Tide.


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