Thursday, October 13, 2005

SEC Weekend: Auburn at Arkansas

Cox takes on the Hawgs in this one in Fayetteville. Thats right, Cox takes on the Hawgs. This game is a particularly important one for PlainsWarTigerManEagles, its their final tune-up before they head down here to the bayou to take on LSU. Its also important for Arkansas because they can regain some respectability by winning this one.

Arkansas will want to knock down a big time opponent at home, especially considering the USC embarassment. They come in with a few solid pieces to the puzzle: Marcus Monk, Peyton Hillis, Darren McFadden, DeArrius Howard. However they lack more of what it takes to win in the SEC: a big time, nasty D.

Auburn hasn't really done much since they lost to SEC opponents Georgia Tech (1-0 so far this year in the SEC) on the opening weekend... which is to say they've won four relatively meaningless games in a row. The question is whether this team will be ready for brilliant zone scheme employed by Beaux Pelini on Oct 22. Will AU be able to handle being wide open every play?

As for the game at hand- Arkansas will hang around for the first half- but by the second quarter Cox will start to find a rhythm and the Tigers will move the ball.
HT score: Auburn 13 Arkansas 7

Auburn will pull away from the Hawgs in the 3rd Quarter, Cox will continue to move the ball, and any Razorback dreams of an upset will quickly dissipate. Expect Arkansas to score at least once in garbage time however. Auburn will largely keep the Arkansas running game in check, and Monk will do little damage.

Final score: Auburn 30 Arkansas 14


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