Thursday, October 13, 2005

SEC Weekend: Georgia at Vanderbilt

Last week LSU played Vandy and did not look too spot on. An over-abundance of turnovers by the Tigers led to a close game up until the very end. That and the repeated showing of Jay Cutler's parents did not leave me happy. This week its the Jawga Bulldawgs who take on the Commies.

Vandy comes in at 4-2 on the year. Surprising wins against Wake Forest, Arkansas, and Ole Miss had this team at a national talking point. Then they did like a dog and shat... on their season. That is... they lost to Middle Tennessee. Good jub Bobby Johnson, way to ruin ALL your momentum going into a huge matchup with LSU. Now they hope to play spoiler against Jawga.

Georgia comes in undefeated and ranked in the top 5. First they brushed aside Boys State like they were flies hovering over their unwashed dishes. Then they barely beat South Carolina only because it was South Carolina and Spurrier was coaching. Then they blah blah blah Tennessee. Now they are looking good with steady, decent play from DJ Shockley, a diverse rushing attack, the best TE in the land, and the man with the best name: Mohammed Massaquoi. Boy do I freakin love that name. Sometimes its Massa-quoy, other times its Massa-quaw, all the time its freakin incredible. Oh yeah, they have an OK D too.

Vandy will come out and score first, just watch, Vandy WILL score first. But Georgia will even it back up and it'll be tied for a while. Probably for the length of a quarter. Then Georgia will get a TD, and Vandy wii reciprocate with a field goal.
HT Score: Georgia 14 Vandy 10

Georgia will come out sluggish, and the game will be kinda weird, games in Nashville are like that. Vandy will keep it tight for the whole of the tird quarter, at some point it will be a tie game agains. Then Georgia will break it open, having worn down the Vandy D with Ware, Brown, and Lumpkin. They'll get a couple of td's to put the game away.

Final score: Georgia 31 Vanderbilt 20


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