Monday, October 31, 2005

SEC Weekend: Roundup

Alabama 35 Utah State 3- Yawn. Bama takes on State next week. Prolly won't be a good game. November 12 is THE date though. That's when the Tigers travel to T-town.

Auburn 27 Ole Miss 3- This was actually a pretty decent game. The Rebs gave AU problems at times and looked good driving the ball in the first half. Of course they made it to the one yard-line before an awful play on fourth down by Spurlock and McSwain gave the Tigers the ball. Ultimately the D got worn down and the O couldn't produce.

South Carolina 16 Tennessee 15- Everybody knew it was coming. Deep down, you knew it had to happen. I doubt anybody was actually surprised. The Vols will get slaughtered in South Bend. The Cocks have to get ready for a date with Spurrier's ol' boys.

Georgia Tech 10 Clemson 9- These two rivals had a very SEC-esque encounter in Atlanta on Saturday. The Tigers killed themselves with turnovers and gave up a series of big plays to set up a 3-yard TD run by PJ Daniels to give Tech the lead.

Kentucky 13 Mississippi State 7
- Losses to the worst team in your conference are setbacks. This is a major setback for Sly Croom and Mississippi State. With Rich Brooks about to be on the out, State needed a victory to keep from looking bad. They lost, and now they look bad.


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