Friday, October 28, 2005

SEC Weekend: SEC Picks

Right, we all know what time it is.... Halloween weekend... its LSU-Ole Miss time! Oh wait, they cancelled out history and moved that game to November 19, oh well. But it is time for the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party!

Georgia vs. Florida Look, if you really want to know what happens in this game go see EDSBS . My take on the WLOCP: Florida is going to stink it up on offense yet again.I'm sorry- if you can't make your offense work with Leak then you are terrible. Well Meyer is terrible again in Jacksonville. The Dawgs meanwhile will open the game with an onside kick- which will negate any ideas of them playing tentative with Tereshinski in the game. Anyway the Dawgs go on to get a field goal off the onside kick. The first quarter will move on with more anxiousness. Florida ties it up before the half after Wynn breaks a long draw.
Half Time Score- Georgia 3 Florida 3
Everybody will be thinking of UA-UT as both offenses look sluggish. The tird quarter will see Tereshinski look more comfortable and Leak more antsy. UGA gets a long drive and scores on a Ware run. Florida answers with a long kick return, a couple first downs, and a field goal. The fourth quarter will start with Tereshinski hook up with Massaquoi, Ware will get a long run, and Tereshinski will throw it to Pope to get in the redzone. Florida will hold the Dawgs to a FG however. Florida will try to answer but the offense will look hopelessly inept. Georgia will score a TD in garbage time.
Final Score: Georgia 20 Florida 6

South Carolina at Tennessee- This game reeks of bad karma for the Vols. What with Peyton's jersey being retired before a game with Spurrier. Anyway the Vols will have a hard time fucking up their O against the Gamecock D. LaMarcus Coker will lose his redshirt status but run well. The Vols will be able to move the ball against SC.
Half Time Score: Tennessee 13 South Carolina 3
The second half will be more of the same. Ainge will get some playing time and look good, prompting for calls for his name before the trip to South Bend. The Cocks will get a long TD, but thats about it. LaMarcus Coker will establish himself as the Vols back for the rest of the year. Clausen will look average.
Final Score: Tennessee 23 South Carolina 13

Mississippi State at Kentucky
- Is anyone actually going to watch this game?
Half-time score: Kentucky 7 Mississippi State 7
Final Score: Kentucky 20 Mississippi State 17

Ole Miss at Auburn- The WarChickens will be hungry after the loss to LSU last Saturday. Kenny Irons will come out looking strong, but Cox will look a bit run-of-the-mill against the Rebs. Ole Miss meanwhile will have their best QB playing FB and will be hopelessly lost on offense. Auburn will ride Irons to two second quarter touchdowns.
Half-time score: Auburn 14 Ole Miss 0
Ole Miss will come out with Lane at QB and will look better. Mico McSwain will get a little rhythm and the Rebs will out together a drive and score on a pass to Mike Espy. Cox will answer with an interception. The Rebs will try to capitalize but will be forced to settle for a FG after McSwain is stopped. The Rebs will miss the field goal. Thoroughly deflated, the Rebs will allow Auburn to run the ball down their throats. Irons goes for 150 yards, Cox throws for 2 INT's and no TD's. Lane looks much better than Spurlock- but still doesn't play that well. McSwaim gets 125 on the ground.
Final Score: Auburn 24 Ole Miss 10

Utah State at Alabama- See LSU-North Texas prediction.
Half time score: Bama 24 Utah State 0
Final Score: Bama 45 Utah State 0

Clemson at Georgia Tech- It will be a game of two halves in Atlanta. Whitehurst will come out of the gates white-hot, Reggie Ball will be stone cold. Blah blah blah, I've got to go to class in five minutes.
Half time score: Clemson 20 Georgia Tech 6
Ball comes into the second half a new playa. Clemson has a driving desire to make every game interesting. Clemson lets the Jackets back in, but wins the game on an INT return for a TD.
Final Score: Clemson 30 Georgia Tech 23


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