Wednesday, October 26, 2005

SEC Weekly Rankings

9. Vanderbilt Commodores- The 'Dores will be heartbroken by the loss last week to South Carolina. They now face a situation where they must win two of their last three games. They can beat Kentucky... but they must win against either Tennessee or Florida in order to become bowl eligible. QB Jay Cutler has been spot on all year for Vandy, and if they have any shot at Tennessee or Florida he must continue to play up to form. Up next: BYE

10. Ole Miss Rebels- Coach O's wild bunch got a key victory against Kentucky last Saturday... but the performance was far from special. Simply put the Rebel offense has been downright dour. The D has been all Bob Seger, but the Offense must step it up for the last four games. Mico McSwain has been the only thing of note for this team on offense. Up next: at Auburn

11. Arkansas Razorbacks- The Hawgs nearly upset a Shockley-less Georgia Bulldog team on Saturday but instead came home with only dreams of what might have been. The QB situation in Hawgvegas is still up in the air... but the RB situation is all dynamite. A trio of backs: Felix Jones, Peyton Hillis, and most importantly Darren McFadden has kept Houston Nutt's boys in most games this year (not even a backfield of Tommie Frazier, Barry Sanders, OJ Simpson, and Archie Griffin could have saved them against USC). The Hawgs have a shot at a bowl game- but must get an upset in Baton Rouge to make one. Up next: BYE

12. Mississippi State- Coach Croom has a pretty solid D- not Bob Seger D- but good nonetheless. Its the offense that stinks. You know that roadkill you passed this morning on the highway? Thats their offense- dead, run over, beaten up, with the guts falling out. They're BAD. Jerious Norwood is a pretty good back, but the passing game needs a bit of a spark. A spark the size of the H-bomb maybe. Up next: at Kentucky

13. Kentucky- BORING. Is this team even in the SEC? When are they going to fire Rich Brooks? When are they going to hire Ashley Judd? Up next: Mississippi State


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