Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sorry boys

Been a bit busy lately.... sorry. But hey the Tigers got a big W last nite so I will be reviewing that sometime tonite. I was not impressed with the team last nite- especially the LB crew- not so much Highsmith- but more so Vaughn and Hollis. I also was not impressed with Dwayne Bowe or Early Doucet. Bowe dropped that pass in the back of the endzone- he was wide freakin open- no way he should have missed that. He also looked a little lazy on a couple of plays- specifically the long fade in the 4th Qtr where he could have made the catch but held up a little. Doucet pretty much cancelled out his heroic ASU catch with that "Oh my God..." drop in Overtime last nite. Russell once again looked like a question mark... until the end when he really turned it up and became wonderfully steady. Well I'll be back later to recap LSU and the SEC.


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