Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thursday Night Football: Boston College at Virginia Tech

Boston College gets their second shot to announce their arrival to the ACC world tonite when they take on the undefeated Virginia Tech Hokies in Blacksburg. Boston College will give the Hokies a run for their money and the score will be tight. It'll be BC ahead at the half... BC 14 Virginia Tech 10. The third quarter will be a bit of a doozy and Va Tech will even it up after BC hits a field goal. It will be tied going into the fourth and the ESPN guys will talk about how BC can really win this game. Well the Hokies will do the Hokie Pokie on their asses and score two quick ones to make it 31-17. And that's how it will end. Again- BC will keep it close- and even have the lead for a while... but VT will wear them down and overrun them in the 4th.
Final Score: Virginia Polytech 31 Coston College 17


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