Tuesday, October 11, 2005

UF unconvinving in MSU win

LSU's next opponents, the hated Florida Gators are a team in a very similar position to the Tigers. Both teams have one SEC loss to an opponent in the opposite division, which is a disappointment since both had MNC aspirations coming into the season. Both Florida and LSU disappointed their fans with their losing performances- Florida by not showing up for the Bama game at all, LSU by forgetting there are two halves in a football game. This past weekend both looked tentative in their tune-up for October 15. UF let MSU hang around for a while even though they knocked the MSU Offense around like pinballs. LSU did the same with Vandy, beating up on Cutler like we were the NOPD.

But even with the defensive ass-kickings, both UF and LSU offenses struggled, Urban Meyer's "world conquering" spread offense apparently an offense that doesn't "fit" the most talented QB in the SEC. LSU struggled because we're nice guys and wanted the underdogs to have a shot, so we turned the ball over 5 times. The guys at EDSBS apparently were as impressed with Florida as I was. Hopefully both teams will reach some sort of offensive epiphany and make the game on Saturday a decently watchable affair.


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