Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wednesday SEC Rankings

Every Wednesday I will be ranking the SEC- so here is my first Wednesday SEC Rankings:

1. Georgia- So far they've looked cool as UGA's balls on a hot day, but the Cocktail Party is just aroumd the corner... and we all know what Georgia usually does at the Cocktail Party

2. Bama- Roll freaking tide! So they've made everyone forget what they looked like against MTSU and USM- and that Croyle is overdue for an injury. Third Saturday er.... Fourth Saturday is next Saturday and we know UT would love to stop their fall with a win over the Tide.

3. Auburn- I guess... Cox has gotten some time to grow before they dive into their real games: at LSU, at Georgia, and of course the Tide. The Tech loss hurts their image, but thats about it... it was so long ago in the season.

4. Florida- Honestly Florida and LSU are interchangeable. I hate when people say "Leak is not the right QB for the system" and somehow apologise for the suckiness of Urban Meyer's offense so far. Leak is one of the most gifted QB's in the country... if you can't make it work with Leak, you're atrocious. Big game this weekend.

5. LSU- AKA the most talented team in the country... its a shame Miles and Pelini have molested our season. Its not their fault we turned the ball over 5 times against the Dores, but UT IS their fault.

6. Tennessee- Clausen sucks (how did this guy beat us!), Ainge sucks, Riggs is overrated (or at least has not risen to meet expectations), Fulmer and Sanders run the same plays over and over again. I feel like I've heard this before... like every year since they won the MNC.

7. Georgia Tech- Ball is really way too inconsistant, and they can't rely on Daniels and Johnson all the time. What's that? They aren't in the SEC? Oh sorry....

7. South Carolina- Its hard to believe but this team is looking at a bowl bid. They could definitely beat Vandy, Arkansas, andClemson to go 6-5... but will they? Mitchell has looked solid, and he is the key to the team, if he stays healthy the Cocks go 6-5.

8. Vandy- I love Vandy, their my #2 team, I want desperately for them to win two more games.... but they won't. They'll beat Kensucky, but the Cocks... they'll lose that one. Whatever, I just hope that when I'm watching Cutler play they don't show his parents and talk about how they don't like him being hit (if you missed the LSU-VU game they did this ALL GAME LONG) He plays QB in the freakin SEC.... he's gonna get knocked around a little... deal with it.

9. Arkansas- When are they going to fire Houston Nutt?

10. Mississippi State- The over/under on the number of safeties they have in the Alabama game on Nov 5 is 4.5. With that being said I bet the guys at EDSBS appreciate his mustache( see above). Maybe this team will be good in oh.... ten years.

11. Ole Miss- The only thing interesting about this team is that animal Orgeron. Nevertheless they'll manage to lose to LSU 24-21 in November.

12. Kentucky- The Mildcats are eagerly preparing for basketball season. They also need a new coach.... maybe Ashley Judd?


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