Monday, October 31, 2005

Weekend Roundup

Well I went 13-6 this weekend. My SEC Roundup is coming up soon.

Virginia Tech 30 Boston College 10- The Hokies once again proved that they are worthy of a shot at the national title. They took the field in Godawful uniforms, but aside from that they are easily as good as Texas and Southern Cal.

Ohio State 45 Minnesota 31- The Buckeyes looked strong in the Metrodome against the Gophers. Minnesota went through their annual collapsing adventure and look like Sun Bowl contenders. Michigan should be worried about this Buckeye team who could very well win the Big 10.

Oklahoma 31 Nebraska 24- The Sooners got the W in Lincoln in a renewal of one of the classic rivalries in college football. The Huskers continue to look average while the Sooners are sailing towards an Alamo Bowl birth. Who cares?

Florida State 35 Marlyand 27- The Terps gave Bobby Bowden and his Florida State Seminoles a run for their money this weekend. Maryland had the lead at half time, but they couldn't keep up with FSU. Not that impressive of a victory for the Noles.

USC 55 Washington State 13- The Trojans don't like being ranked #2. This was obvious as Southern Cal torched the Cougars over and over again for 55 points. This is one of the scariest offenses in CFB history.

Iowa State 42 Texas A&M 14- Basically the Aggies embarassed themselves out there.

UCLA 30 Stanford 27- Once again UCLA came from behind in the fourth quarter and lucked out in getting a victory. Sooner or later the Bruins won't be so lucky. Like on December 3rd maybe.

Michigan 33 Northwestern 17- The high-powered Wildcat offense didn't look like much against the Wolverines at home last Saturday. Northwestern's push for a Big 10 title is now effectively over, and Michigan's campaign is now in full throttle. Michigan will need some help- but need to focus on their own games. The Buckeye game will be huge yet again.

Penn State 33 Purdue 15-Penn State faces a much bigger test this weekend when they host Wisconsin. The Nittany Lions ought to be able to score on the Badger D. The PSU-UW game is the second biggest game of the day.

Texas 47 Oklahoma State 28- Yeah Vince Young and Texas got the W, but everyone knows they were down by 19 to OK State. Texas should not be having to swat flies like this, they should handle everybody on their schedule. Next week they face Baylor in another yawner.

Miami 34 North Carolina 16- The Canes had trouble with UNC, just like I said they would. Tyrone Moss was huge down the stretch and basically won the game for Miami. They travel to Blacksburg this week to attempt to derail VPI's title hopes.

NC State 21 USM 17- Honestly, I don't care enough about this game to write any more than I've already written.


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