Monday, November 21, 2005

Looking Ahead to Rivalry Week (part 2)

Well last weekend was the traditional rivalry week, but I think Thanksgiving Weeks has a solid share of blood-boilers:
Georgia-Georgia Tech
Ole Miss-MSU

Of these I'm dreading the A&M game because I felt like A&M would win this game before the season. Franchione's performance this fall is one of the worst in the past five years. Honestly he and Fulmer are neck-and-neck for worst fuck up jobs this year. LSU fans shouldn't get their hopes up for an upset here.

Georgia-Georgia Tech ought to be the best of the rivalry games this weekend I think. I was amazed by what Tech did this week in Miami all things considered. LSU fans should be cheering for the Dawgs in this one. Honestly I think Tech is too much of a yo-yo team to pull off great wins in back to back weeks.

LSU-Arkansas- There is no reason why we shouldn't dominate this game. Realistically I expect McFadden to put up big numbers running the ball... but they can't throw the ball on any D, so I don't expect it will be too much of a problem. Our offense ought to have a field day against the Hawg D. I just wonder what problem will crop up again this week (dropped balls? turnovers? wild JMR?)

After class I'll be back to hand out some awards for this week's performances. This is a very easy week of school so I should be able to focus on my blogging. I appreciate the anonymous poster who called my attention to the crickets.

LSU 40 Ole Miss 7

This game was a doozy. Ole Miss looked absolutely helpless. I thoroughly enjoyed Ethan Flatt's re-enactment of Eli Manning on 4th Down two years ago. Kyle Williams and Claude Wroten in the middle were monsters for the second week in a row. I'm confident that they are in the top 3 or so DT tandems in the country.

The offense- well I still feel there is room to complain with the offense. It always seems like we get one bad habit out of the way (JM Russel inconsistancy) we return to another (turnovers). This game could easily have been up there in terms of beat downs of the Rebs with the 61-17 win decades ago, and I think it would have been if it weren't for those two turnovers.

I'm confident heading into Friday that we don't have our head up our asses. More to come later in the day.

Monday, November 14, 2005

AWOL and the new Monday Award Show

Well I've been AWOL for the past week, and for that I apologize. The life of a college student is filled with odd events at odd times, and mine is no exception. Well in order to return triumphantly I have created a new segment: The Monday Award Show. I can only hope that somewhere down the road there is a blog called the Mondaypundit. Right- on with the awards:

OMGGMFGOTYOTW Award- (aka the Oh My God Greatest Motherfucking Game of the Year, of the Week Award or the USC-Notre Dame award)- LSU at Alabama AND Auburn at Georgia-These two SEC games were so game-of-the-century spectacular that they have a split title for this award. The drama of the two games intermingled and copulated along with the UF/USC game to spawn an all-day(er) in the SEC. LSU beat Bama in OT(it feels so good to say that) after looking like Tulane in the first half and then LSU circa 2003 in the 2nd. Georgia had the Tigers beat but gave up a horrible 62 yard play on 4th and 10 with less than 2 minutes left. More on that to come.

UCLA Award- (aka Biggest Chokers of the Weak award)- Florida State and Colorado- Both of these teams choked like UCLA this week. FSU was coming off a loss to lowly NC State and needed to beat Tommy B and the Clemson Tigers to regain credibility. Colorado was steadily climbing up the polls in anticipation of a showdown with Texas in the Big XII Championship. Both teams sucked this weekend. FSU got knocked around by Clemson and Iowa State beat up on the Buffs. FSU is out of the talk for the nation's elite and Colorado is a slip up away from a Boulder weekend come December 3.

Psycho Killer Award- (or the Talking Heads award. This one came to me after I was singing these lines in the song "Psycho Killer": "Can't seem to face up to the facts, I'm tense and nervous- I can't relax." This goes to the game and player which made fans the most nervous this week.)- Chris Jackson, LSU at Alabama- I was sure Jackson was going to miss the crucial kicks against Auburn a couple weeks ago. He made them. I was sure he was going to make them against Bama this weekend. He missed them. This game, and more specifically the thought of needing him to tie the game in OT almost gave me a heart attack. Thank you Dwayne Bowe. Thank you.

Charlie Weis Trophy- (Or which coach deserves a $120 Billion, 400 year extension based on the weekend performances of their team)- Steve Spurrier- I couldn't stop laughing whenever the Cocks scored. Seriously I love knowing that Gators fans have to suffer through losing to their own damn guy. He has done the best job of any coach in CFB this year in my opinion and it won't be very long (like next year) before the Cocks are in the SECCG.

Les Miles Trophy- (the Coach most likely to get lynched for his team's performance the previous weekend)- Urban Meyer- If there was one game Gator fans wanted to win, HAD to win: it was the game with the Cock boys. Gator fans had to suffer the downfall of losing to their own damn guy. and I can't get enough of it. C'mon Gator fans: blame it all on ole' Urban.

Jack Black Award- (the Defensive Coordinator of the team who exhibited the most Tenacious D)- Bo Pelini- I'm not a big Pelini guy, but he really made some high quality adjustments on the Defensive side of the ball for LSU. In the second half our defense was simply unstoppable. Tenacious D at its finest for the Tigers in Tuscaloosa.

Led Zeppelin Award- (or the Ronnie Prude Trophy, named in honor of the song "When the Levee Breaks" and Prude's performance at the very end of last year's Capital One Bowl.)- Georgia Defense- Really. How could you let that happen? You had the War Chickens backed up, less than two minutes left, and it was 4th and 10. A 62 yard catch-and-run. Unbelievable. Not only that, you couldn't recover the fumble when they fumbled it away into the endzone. This isn't the first time this has happened- remember the Skyler Green TD when LSU and UGA met in Tiger Stadium in 2003? Come on, make a play.

Matt Leinart Vanity Trophy- (or the player whose performance most deserves Orson to blog about a day in his life)- Kyle Williams- The LSU DT was simply unstoppable against Alabama. He was in the backfield in nearly every play, and beat the OL off the ball on almost every play. He also played team leader by rallying the troops in the locker room at half time. Laron Landry's killer hit on Brodie may get more notice, but it was Kyle Williams who provided most of the stopping in the stopping of the Bama offense.

The Big 6 Award- (the 6 offenses which are revolutionizing football this week)- Louisville, Texas, Kentucky, South Carolina, Buffalo, and finally the Grambling Tigers and their Rural Central Louisiana Ouachita River Coast Offense

Monday, November 07, 2005

Weekend Recap

Well I went 15-3 in my picks this weekend- but laid huge duds in those I got wrong: UCLA-Zona, FSU-NC State, and VT-Miami. I don't really think this weekend deserves too much commenting- LSU looked downright dead against ASU on Saturday. We better wake up this week if we want a W in T-town.

As far as SEC action goes- well it was mostly as I expected. Tennessee came tantalizingly close to beating the Vols. They had all the momentum in the very early stages of the 4th and then gave it up on three plays: the long catch-and-run by Samrdzija and Ainge's two throw-it-right-to-the-other-team interceptions. It was sort of a microcosm of the entire Vol season: flashes of brilliance followed by utter incompetence. In Gainesville Cutler proved he is the best QB in the SEC by far by taking the Gators to the limit. The Commies got the shaft when the refs called a completely ridiculous excessive celebration penalty. Simply speaking it was one of the most Gawdawful hang-the-refs-from-the-crossbar calls of the year. South Carolina got another big win against the Hawgs. Expect to see Visor Boy in Nashvegas this winter for the Music City Bowl.

Nationally it was all about two drubbings. Miami laid the smackdown on the Hokies who turned in a Hokie-Pokie performance. The Cane D was spectacular in stopping I'm-Not-Michael-I'm-Marcus Vick. The Techsters look like they could be facing another November slide. Also on the left coast UCLA became the laughingstock of the country with their performance against the Arizona Mildcats. Really... 52-7? I thought the announcer in Tiger Stadium was misreading the score for like three quarters. Penn State also did a number on Wisconsin and proved they are a top 6 team.

Most Impressive Teams: Miami, Penn State, Vanderbilt
Least Impressive Teams: UCLA, Virginia Tech, LSU
Stars of the Weekend: Jay Cutler, Jeff Samardzija, the Miami D

Friday, November 04, 2005

CFB Weekend: Quick 11

Iowa at Northwestern- Well the Cats won't be winning the Big 10- but they are still one of the most entertaining teams in the country. I think they can pull this one out late against the Steelers... I mean Hawkeyes.
Final score: Northwestern 31 Iowa 27

Boston College at North Carolina- Just like I said Miami would struggle with UNC I think Boston College will struggle with the Heels. I think the Heels will have control most of the game, but BC will take the lead in the end. That is until Connor Barth hits a game winner.
Final score: North Carolina 23 Boston College 21

Texas at Baylor- I can't believe I'm picking this game. I'm gonna say the Horns will be down at the end of the first quarter but win it big.
Final score: Texas 45 Baylor 17

NC State at Florida State- I fully expect that either this year or next year will be Amato's last in Raleigh. The Wolfpack will struggle mightily in Tallahassee tomorrow. The Seminoles can't be looking ahead to a possible ACC Championship or to the Florida game in a few weeks. They won't be.
Final score: Florida State 35 NC State 13

Cal at Oregon- All year long I've thought that Cal was one of the more overrated teams in the country. Oregon won't have Kellen Clemens any more, it'll be Dennis Dixon with all the pressure on his shoulders. I think Cal will be winning for the most of the first three quarters- but Oregon will bust out in the fourth and get a win- in OT.
Final score: Oregon 41 Cal 34

Wisconsin at Penn State- The matchup in Happy Valley is one of the better ones in the country. Wisconsin's star tailback Brian Calhoun will be coming up against Paul Pozluzny and a top-notch PSU D. The Penn State offense should have an easy time with a below-par Badger D. Alvarez will want this one bad considering its his last shot at a Big 10 title. The game will be close for all four quarters- but ultimately Calhoun and Stocco won't be enough and the Badger D will have let them down.
Final score: Penn State 27 Wisconsin 17

Missouri at Colorado- Week-in and week-out Brad Smith is one of the most overrated players in college football. The Buffs are the favorites to be Texas's last obstacle before the Rose Bowl. The status quo won't change here. Expect a big win for the Buffs.
Final score: Colorado 33 Missouri 13

UCLA at Arizona- The cardiac kids take on an Arizona team which gave USC some problems earlier this season. Maurice Drew and Drew Olson will be as spectacular as ever- but Zona has a new weapon in Willie Tuitama at QB. I think the Cats can keep it close for three quarters- but come fourth quarter UCLA will once again show its strength. I think Chris Markey has a big game in addition to Maurice Drew.
Final Score: UCLA 38 Arizona 28

Texas A&M at Texas Tech- Well I no longer think the Aggies have a shot at UT this year. Coach Fran has done one of the poorest coaching jobs of the year in the nation. Reggie McNeal's talent has gone completely wasted in College Station. I hope A&M beats the Red Raiders though.
Final score: Texas Tech 31 Texas A&M 20

Stanford at USC- The Trojans won't have a problem in this one- and once again will prove that there is a huge difference between them and the Bruins. I'm expecting Bush to score at least once on a non-running play and Lendale White to get 150 and two td's.
Final score: USC 49 Stanford 24

Miami at Virginia Tech
- You didn't think I could forget this one did you? The Hokies have all of the advantages in this one. The game is at home, they have momentum, they have played consistant, and they have the X-factor: Marcus Vick. Miami will come in strongly and start off with the lead. The Hokies will start slowly but grow as the game goes on. Miami will get a TD before the end of the half to secure a halftime lead.
Half-time score: Miami 13 Virginia Tech 10
The second half will see Vick come out red-hot. He'll throw for a TD on the opening drive. The D will force a three-and-out and then promptly block a punt to set up another VT TD. The Canes won't be able to recover from the sudden momentum swing and the Hokies will be on their way to Jacksonville.
Final score: Virginia Tech 30 Miami 20

SEC Weekend: Picks for the worst weekend ever

Tennessee at Notre Dame- The Vols are really shitting it this year. They don't have a decent QB (please for the sake of it- play Jim Bob Cooter!), the WR's can't catch, and their best back is out for the year. At least they have a solid defense. Mahelona and Harylson help compose the best defense the Irish will see all year. The defensive tenacity will put the Vols in the lead early on in the game as Quinn will struggle to find a rhythm.
Half-time score: Tennessee 6 Notre Dame 3
The second half will not be kind to the Vols. The Irish will get their first touchdown on a long pass to Samardzija or whatever- and shortly after that will get another on a Darius Walker draw play. LaMarcus Coker will break a long run to give the Vols a chance after they get the 2 point conversion- but on the game winning drive Erik Ainge throws an INT to Zbikowski.
Final Score: Notre Dame 20 Tennessee 14.

South Carolina at Arkansas
- If it was any other coach I'd say the Hawgs win in Hawgvegas- but I think Spurrier will have his evil face on for this one. Darren McFadden will be amazing though. McFadden breaks 125 in the first half and gets two td's on the Cocks soft D. Blake Mitchell gets a rhythm though and answers McFadden.
Half-time score: South Carolina 14 Arkansas 14
Its McFadden vs. Mitchell in Hawgvegas. Mitchell reaches 300 yards in the 3rd quarter after throwing another td and setting up a field goal. McFadden continues to plow away at the Cock D. The fourth quarter sees mitchell out gun the Hawgs and Spurrier gets a key victory. McFadden gets 275 yards.
Final score: South Carolina 31 Arkansas 28

Auburn at Kentucky- Wildcat players are talking about a bowl game. Yeah. Right. Irons is going to put up McFadden like numbers in this game. The Mildcats will hang in there for a quarter or so before being blown away.
Half-time score: Auburn 17 Kentucky 6
Final score: Auburn 41 Kentucky 16

Alabama at Mississippi State- I can't wait until November 12. As for this game- the Bama O starts slowly, but it won't matter.
Half-time score: Alabama 10 MSU 0
Final score: Alabama 27 MSU 0

Vanderbilt at Florida- The Commodores still need two wins- and Gainesville is the least likely source of the W. In this game I see that offense waking back up for Meyer- the Commie D ain't much to talk about. Boring game by the third quarter.
Half-time score: Florida 17 Vandy 14
Final score: Florida 34 Vandy 20

Wake Forest at Georgia Tech
- Its a classic stumbling block for the Techsters this week. I expect Wake to come out and grab the lead for the whole first half, and the Tech offense will look horrible.
Half-time score: Wake Forest 14 Tech 0
The second half will see the Tech offense wake up. Ball connects with Johnson on a long pass to put Tech on the board. PJ Daniels will bust out for more than 100 in the second half. But the real difference in the game: the Tech D will score a safety.
Final score: Georgia Tech 23 Wake Forest 21

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dammit All I Want To Do Is Watch Football And Write About It

Well a month into this blogging thing I realize I've got it bad. I may not post as frequently as I might wish (prolly cause my main hobby consists of sitting on the couch shooting the bullshit with my roomates)- but I know its bad when I'm thinking about blogging when I have a history test in eight hours (class starts at 8:30!) or when I walk into Biology 1001 and think to myself "I'm a jorunalism major- I don't want to be here! Dammit all I want to do is watch football and write about it!" So tomorrow if George Washington turns into "Washington, who was defeated by Carrol" or if I compare the duel between Aaron Burr and Alex Hamilton to the duel between Leinart and Olson, or if I say the defenses in the trenches at Bunker Hill were like the defenses in the trenches of Knoxville- you'll know I'll have spent way too much time reading the blogs.

LSU Weekend: Appalachian State at LSU

Well this one should be exciting- VERY exciting.
Half-time score: LSU 24 ASU 6
Final score: LSU 48 ASU 13

I can't wait til November 12!

SEC Rankings: The Big 13

Well I'm behind schedules- so this week's rankings will be a bit abbreviated.

1. Alabama- The Tide are the lone unbeaten in the SEC now... but expect that to change in 9 days when me and my Tigers come to town.

2. Georgia- I think they should have won that game. Florida had two good drives, but apart from that didn't do anything. Shockley would have given the Dawgs a win- but Tereshinski performed admirably.

3. LSU- We punded on North Texas last week- this week we get to pund on Appalachian State. I just can't wait til the 12th.

4. Auburn- The Plainsmen put a beat-down on the Rebs last Saturday. They have a huge one in Athens coming up.

5. Florida- I wasn't impressed with the win. But I'm praying they beat the Noles in a few weeks.

6. Georgia Tech- The Techsters put in a very SEC-esque performance against Clemson last week. They need to beat UVA if they don't won't to be in Boise.

7. South Carolina- The chickens looked great in the upset of the Vols. I think Spurrier really has the wheels turning in South Carolina.

8. Tennessee- Pathetic. How did we lose to this team?

9. Arkansas- The Hawgs need to beat the Cocks this weekend. Cody Dick is the new QB... is he any good though?

10. Vanderbilt- They need to beat Kentucky on the 12th and they could make a bowl with an upset of the Vols.

11. Ole Miss- They're going with Ethan Flatt for the Arkansas game, which is a good thing- Spurlock is hopeless.

12. Kentucky- Its almost basketball season!

13. Mississippi State- How can you lose to Kentucky?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Big Six!

Blogger TKlyeKing posted an excellent article earlier on the new "Big Six". An excellent shot at the west-coasters who are glorifying the spread offense and all it isn't.

Rising and Falling


Rising:Bennie Brazell- The Senior Wide Receiver has represented LSU and the United States in the Olympic Games, but up until this fall he had never caught a touchdown pass. Brazell has been burdened by the "trackstar playing football" label ever since he stepped on campus in Baton Rouge, but during LSU's win over Florida Brazell caught his first touchdown as a Tiger. Last weekend against North Texas Brazell once again performed solidly. The WR core looks to be making up for earlier miscues. Early Doucet also had a great night against North Texas catching two touchdowns from...

Matt Flynn- The sophomore Quarterback has been overshadowed by JaMarcus Russel and Ryan Perilloux all year- but against North Texas he was the real story. He only played one quarter but Flynn went 7-7 for 139 yards and three touchdowns. Not bad. Not bad at all Mr. Flynn. This week he will get another oppurtunity to play as the Tigers take on the Appalachian State Mountaineers. Hopefully he will once again be dynamite on offense.

Falling:Midweek Interest Levels- We are playing Appalachian State for chrissakes. I haven't been so unexcited for a game in a while.


Rising:Jeremy Mincey- Mincey, a sophomore DE was a star on defense for the Gators this past Saturday. Mincey made several key plays at the end of the game for the Gator D, including a pass knockdown on the final drive. Mincey made several tackles behind the line, batted many JTIII passes and was generally a menace to the Bulldawg offense.

South Carolina- The Evil Genius has looked impeccable in his first season in Columbia. He took a team which nobody was expecting much of and made a game of it in Athens, and beat the Vols in Knoxvegas. The only thing better than that would be to knock off his old team on November 12. Spurrier will have this team in the Conference Championship in four years. I guarentee it.

Falling:Michael Spurlock- Coach O's QB at Ole Miss hasn't looked spectacular this year or last year. Numerous mental mistakes have plagued Spurlock all year long. Reb fans will point to the Bama game and show you the delay of games. I'll point to the Auburn game and show you the missed executions, most notably at the goalline in the first quarter. The play on fourth down- a toss sweep- was botched by a horrible pitch by Spurlock. The Rebs lost the ball and killed their momentum.

Tennessee- Need I say more. This team has played one half of good football. They were ranked #2 in the Athlon Preview this year. Pathetic. Look for an upset against the Commies.


Rising:Marcus Vick- With every game the younger brother gets even more dominant. Against a tough BC D Vick was cool, calm, and collected. He mechanically marched his team down the field with less razzle-dazzle than Michael- but more cold efficiency. Perhaps a top candidate for the Heisman next year. Please stop showing Michael on the sideline. Nobody cares.

Michigan- The Wolverines are cresting at a good time. They took care of Northwestern last week and now they have a bye before an easy win against Indiana. Then comes the real test: the Buckeyes come to town. They only have two Big 10 losses so they are still in the hunt for the Big 10 title. All I know about that is that a bunch of stuff has to happen and they have to beat Ohio State. The rest is beyond me. Somebody else can figure it out for me though.

Falling:Brad Smith- This guy is overrated every year and never produces. He already gets more talking time than he deserves so I'm not going to say anything more than this. He's overrated and overhyped. Face it.

UCLA- So they're still undefeated... well they were losing 21-3 to Stanford with 6 minutes left. That's hardly impressive. I'm betting they wilt real soon.

November 2, 2005- Here's What's Coming Up

Well depending on my mood today here's what will be coming up today. I will provide a few links to the masses regarding football. Also I will likely be posting my SEC Rankings and Rising and Falling. I may also get around to previewing the LSU game.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Curse of Duval

The LSU student newspaper had an article today which covered a subject which I have been certain of the past couple of weeks. I would say that the curse even effects LSU kickers- who aren't known to always be dead on. Anyway enjoy: The Curse of Duval

SEC Weekend- Florida 14 Georgia 10

Aside from the first two drives- the Bulldogs played better in this one. Tereshinski played admirably- he didn't light the Gators on fire... but he played well nevertheless. Chris Leak playd much, much better in an offense more suited to his game. Florida didn't exactly tear the Dawgs up... but they moved the ball.

A couple of missed field goals by Couto in the swirling winds of Alltel proved to be the difference. Georgia looked to have a shot at stealing a victory, but the fell victim to outstanding plays by the Gators and poor playcalling. Georgia's chance at a Rose Bowl bid seem to have dissipated, but they are still on track to be in the SEC Championship. The Gators will need Georgia to lose against Auburn to take the SEC East lead.