Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dammit All I Want To Do Is Watch Football And Write About It

Well a month into this blogging thing I realize I've got it bad. I may not post as frequently as I might wish (prolly cause my main hobby consists of sitting on the couch shooting the bullshit with my roomates)- but I know its bad when I'm thinking about blogging when I have a history test in eight hours (class starts at 8:30!) or when I walk into Biology 1001 and think to myself "I'm a jorunalism major- I don't want to be here! Dammit all I want to do is watch football and write about it!" So tomorrow if George Washington turns into "Washington, who was defeated by Carrol" or if I compare the duel between Aaron Burr and Alex Hamilton to the duel between Leinart and Olson, or if I say the defenses in the trenches at Bunker Hill were like the defenses in the trenches of Knoxville- you'll know I'll have spent way too much time reading the blogs.


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