Monday, November 21, 2005

Looking Ahead to Rivalry Week (part 2)

Well last weekend was the traditional rivalry week, but I think Thanksgiving Weeks has a solid share of blood-boilers:
Georgia-Georgia Tech
Ole Miss-MSU

Of these I'm dreading the A&M game because I felt like A&M would win this game before the season. Franchione's performance this fall is one of the worst in the past five years. Honestly he and Fulmer are neck-and-neck for worst fuck up jobs this year. LSU fans shouldn't get their hopes up for an upset here.

Georgia-Georgia Tech ought to be the best of the rivalry games this weekend I think. I was amazed by what Tech did this week in Miami all things considered. LSU fans should be cheering for the Dawgs in this one. Honestly I think Tech is too much of a yo-yo team to pull off great wins in back to back weeks.

LSU-Arkansas- There is no reason why we shouldn't dominate this game. Realistically I expect McFadden to put up big numbers running the ball... but they can't throw the ball on any D, so I don't expect it will be too much of a problem. Our offense ought to have a field day against the Hawg D. I just wonder what problem will crop up again this week (dropped balls? turnovers? wild JMR?)

After class I'll be back to hand out some awards for this week's performances. This is a very easy week of school so I should be able to focus on my blogging. I appreciate the anonymous poster who called my attention to the crickets.


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