Monday, November 21, 2005

LSU 40 Ole Miss 7

This game was a doozy. Ole Miss looked absolutely helpless. I thoroughly enjoyed Ethan Flatt's re-enactment of Eli Manning on 4th Down two years ago. Kyle Williams and Claude Wroten in the middle were monsters for the second week in a row. I'm confident that they are in the top 3 or so DT tandems in the country.

The offense- well I still feel there is room to complain with the offense. It always seems like we get one bad habit out of the way (JM Russel inconsistancy) we return to another (turnovers). This game could easily have been up there in terms of beat downs of the Rebs with the 61-17 win decades ago, and I think it would have been if it weren't for those two turnovers.

I'm confident heading into Friday that we don't have our head up our asses. More to come later in the day.


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