Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rising and Falling


Rising:Bennie Brazell- The Senior Wide Receiver has represented LSU and the United States in the Olympic Games, but up until this fall he had never caught a touchdown pass. Brazell has been burdened by the "trackstar playing football" label ever since he stepped on campus in Baton Rouge, but during LSU's win over Florida Brazell caught his first touchdown as a Tiger. Last weekend against North Texas Brazell once again performed solidly. The WR core looks to be making up for earlier miscues. Early Doucet also had a great night against North Texas catching two touchdowns from...

Matt Flynn- The sophomore Quarterback has been overshadowed by JaMarcus Russel and Ryan Perilloux all year- but against North Texas he was the real story. He only played one quarter but Flynn went 7-7 for 139 yards and three touchdowns. Not bad. Not bad at all Mr. Flynn. This week he will get another oppurtunity to play as the Tigers take on the Appalachian State Mountaineers. Hopefully he will once again be dynamite on offense.

Falling:Midweek Interest Levels- We are playing Appalachian State for chrissakes. I haven't been so unexcited for a game in a while.


Rising:Jeremy Mincey- Mincey, a sophomore DE was a star on defense for the Gators this past Saturday. Mincey made several key plays at the end of the game for the Gator D, including a pass knockdown on the final drive. Mincey made several tackles behind the line, batted many JTIII passes and was generally a menace to the Bulldawg offense.

South Carolina- The Evil Genius has looked impeccable in his first season in Columbia. He took a team which nobody was expecting much of and made a game of it in Athens, and beat the Vols in Knoxvegas. The only thing better than that would be to knock off his old team on November 12. Spurrier will have this team in the Conference Championship in four years. I guarentee it.

Falling:Michael Spurlock- Coach O's QB at Ole Miss hasn't looked spectacular this year or last year. Numerous mental mistakes have plagued Spurlock all year long. Reb fans will point to the Bama game and show you the delay of games. I'll point to the Auburn game and show you the missed executions, most notably at the goalline in the first quarter. The play on fourth down- a toss sweep- was botched by a horrible pitch by Spurlock. The Rebs lost the ball and killed their momentum.

Tennessee- Need I say more. This team has played one half of good football. They were ranked #2 in the Athlon Preview this year. Pathetic. Look for an upset against the Commies.


Rising:Marcus Vick- With every game the younger brother gets even more dominant. Against a tough BC D Vick was cool, calm, and collected. He mechanically marched his team down the field with less razzle-dazzle than Michael- but more cold efficiency. Perhaps a top candidate for the Heisman next year. Please stop showing Michael on the sideline. Nobody cares.

Michigan- The Wolverines are cresting at a good time. They took care of Northwestern last week and now they have a bye before an easy win against Indiana. Then comes the real test: the Buckeyes come to town. They only have two Big 10 losses so they are still in the hunt for the Big 10 title. All I know about that is that a bunch of stuff has to happen and they have to beat Ohio State. The rest is beyond me. Somebody else can figure it out for me though.

Falling:Brad Smith- This guy is overrated every year and never produces. He already gets more talking time than he deserves so I'm not going to say anything more than this. He's overrated and overhyped. Face it.

UCLA- So they're still undefeated... well they were losing 21-3 to Stanford with 6 minutes left. That's hardly impressive. I'm betting they wilt real soon.


Blogger Ian said...

In regards to USC/UGA, it's ALWAYS a game. For whatever reason, the Gamecocks play Georgia tough, albeit with the Dawgs winning most of the time.

4:27 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

That's true- but realistically nobody really thought much of them at the beginning of the season. You may have knopwn it would be a close game with Georgia- but it was still sort of surprising nonetheless.

7:29 PM  

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