Thursday, November 03, 2005

SEC Rankings: The Big 13

Well I'm behind schedules- so this week's rankings will be a bit abbreviated.

1. Alabama- The Tide are the lone unbeaten in the SEC now... but expect that to change in 9 days when me and my Tigers come to town.

2. Georgia- I think they should have won that game. Florida had two good drives, but apart from that didn't do anything. Shockley would have given the Dawgs a win- but Tereshinski performed admirably.

3. LSU- We punded on North Texas last week- this week we get to pund on Appalachian State. I just can't wait til the 12th.

4. Auburn- The Plainsmen put a beat-down on the Rebs last Saturday. They have a huge one in Athens coming up.

5. Florida- I wasn't impressed with the win. But I'm praying they beat the Noles in a few weeks.

6. Georgia Tech- The Techsters put in a very SEC-esque performance against Clemson last week. They need to beat UVA if they don't won't to be in Boise.

7. South Carolina- The chickens looked great in the upset of the Vols. I think Spurrier really has the wheels turning in South Carolina.

8. Tennessee- Pathetic. How did we lose to this team?

9. Arkansas- The Hawgs need to beat the Cocks this weekend. Cody Dick is the new QB... is he any good though?

10. Vanderbilt- They need to beat Kentucky on the 12th and they could make a bowl with an upset of the Vols.

11. Ole Miss- They're going with Ethan Flatt for the Arkansas game, which is a good thing- Spurlock is hopeless.

12. Kentucky- Its almost basketball season!

13. Mississippi State- How can you lose to Kentucky?


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