Tuesday, November 01, 2005

SEC Weekend- Florida 14 Georgia 10

Aside from the first two drives- the Bulldogs played better in this one. Tereshinski played admirably- he didn't light the Gators on fire... but he played well nevertheless. Chris Leak playd much, much better in an offense more suited to his game. Florida didn't exactly tear the Dawgs up... but they moved the ball.

A couple of missed field goals by Couto in the swirling winds of Alltel proved to be the difference. Georgia looked to have a shot at stealing a victory, but the fell victim to outstanding plays by the Gators and poor playcalling. Georgia's chance at a Rose Bowl bid seem to have dissipated, but they are still on track to be in the SEC Championship. The Gators will need Georgia to lose against Auburn to take the SEC East lead.


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