Friday, November 04, 2005

SEC Weekend: Picks for the worst weekend ever

Tennessee at Notre Dame- The Vols are really shitting it this year. They don't have a decent QB (please for the sake of it- play Jim Bob Cooter!), the WR's can't catch, and their best back is out for the year. At least they have a solid defense. Mahelona and Harylson help compose the best defense the Irish will see all year. The defensive tenacity will put the Vols in the lead early on in the game as Quinn will struggle to find a rhythm.
Half-time score: Tennessee 6 Notre Dame 3
The second half will not be kind to the Vols. The Irish will get their first touchdown on a long pass to Samardzija or whatever- and shortly after that will get another on a Darius Walker draw play. LaMarcus Coker will break a long run to give the Vols a chance after they get the 2 point conversion- but on the game winning drive Erik Ainge throws an INT to Zbikowski.
Final Score: Notre Dame 20 Tennessee 14.

South Carolina at Arkansas
- If it was any other coach I'd say the Hawgs win in Hawgvegas- but I think Spurrier will have his evil face on for this one. Darren McFadden will be amazing though. McFadden breaks 125 in the first half and gets two td's on the Cocks soft D. Blake Mitchell gets a rhythm though and answers McFadden.
Half-time score: South Carolina 14 Arkansas 14
Its McFadden vs. Mitchell in Hawgvegas. Mitchell reaches 300 yards in the 3rd quarter after throwing another td and setting up a field goal. McFadden continues to plow away at the Cock D. The fourth quarter sees mitchell out gun the Hawgs and Spurrier gets a key victory. McFadden gets 275 yards.
Final score: South Carolina 31 Arkansas 28

Auburn at Kentucky- Wildcat players are talking about a bowl game. Yeah. Right. Irons is going to put up McFadden like numbers in this game. The Mildcats will hang in there for a quarter or so before being blown away.
Half-time score: Auburn 17 Kentucky 6
Final score: Auburn 41 Kentucky 16

Alabama at Mississippi State- I can't wait until November 12. As for this game- the Bama O starts slowly, but it won't matter.
Half-time score: Alabama 10 MSU 0
Final score: Alabama 27 MSU 0

Vanderbilt at Florida- The Commodores still need two wins- and Gainesville is the least likely source of the W. In this game I see that offense waking back up for Meyer- the Commie D ain't much to talk about. Boring game by the third quarter.
Half-time score: Florida 17 Vandy 14
Final score: Florida 34 Vandy 20

Wake Forest at Georgia Tech
- Its a classic stumbling block for the Techsters this week. I expect Wake to come out and grab the lead for the whole first half, and the Tech offense will look horrible.
Half-time score: Wake Forest 14 Tech 0
The second half will see the Tech offense wake up. Ball connects with Johnson on a long pass to put Tech on the board. PJ Daniels will bust out for more than 100 in the second half. But the real difference in the game: the Tech D will score a safety.
Final score: Georgia Tech 23 Wake Forest 21


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