Monday, November 07, 2005

Weekend Recap

Well I went 15-3 in my picks this weekend- but laid huge duds in those I got wrong: UCLA-Zona, FSU-NC State, and VT-Miami. I don't really think this weekend deserves too much commenting- LSU looked downright dead against ASU on Saturday. We better wake up this week if we want a W in T-town.

As far as SEC action goes- well it was mostly as I expected. Tennessee came tantalizingly close to beating the Vols. They had all the momentum in the very early stages of the 4th and then gave it up on three plays: the long catch-and-run by Samrdzija and Ainge's two throw-it-right-to-the-other-team interceptions. It was sort of a microcosm of the entire Vol season: flashes of brilliance followed by utter incompetence. In Gainesville Cutler proved he is the best QB in the SEC by far by taking the Gators to the limit. The Commies got the shaft when the refs called a completely ridiculous excessive celebration penalty. Simply speaking it was one of the most Gawdawful hang-the-refs-from-the-crossbar calls of the year. South Carolina got another big win against the Hawgs. Expect to see Visor Boy in Nashvegas this winter for the Music City Bowl.

Nationally it was all about two drubbings. Miami laid the smackdown on the Hokies who turned in a Hokie-Pokie performance. The Cane D was spectacular in stopping I'm-Not-Michael-I'm-Marcus Vick. The Techsters look like they could be facing another November slide. Also on the left coast UCLA became the laughingstock of the country with their performance against the Arizona Mildcats. Really... 52-7? I thought the announcer in Tiger Stadium was misreading the score for like three quarters. Penn State also did a number on Wisconsin and proved they are a top 6 team.

Most Impressive Teams: Miami, Penn State, Vanderbilt
Least Impressive Teams: UCLA, Virginia Tech, LSU
Stars of the Weekend: Jay Cutler, Jeff Samardzija, the Miami D


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