Thursday, January 05, 2006

Rose Bowl continued

My takes on a variety of topics regarding the game:

Reggie Bush... The stupidest play I've seen all year. And you know what play I'm talking about. His run was electric, one that really was something that defined his year. But the lateral. What was he thinking? He wasn't really that effective after that play. Yeah he got the ridiculous jump and that long run at the end, but Bush wasn't all that impressive.

Going for it on 4th... USC did it twice, I don't remember the circumstances of the first try but I do know they ran an obvious sneak. Texas also went for it and missed it early on, but USC's ended up being far more critical. The second time I would have punted, made the Horns go 80 yards. But I'm not going to argue that. I'm going to argue that the playcall was terrible. It was an obvious run, they should have dumped it to a TE or thrown it to Jarrett.

Reviews... I think there were some poor individual calls and some of those plays should have been changed. But each team had their chance to win and well... the reviewed plays shouldn't be used as a crutch per se.

Defenses... woo Pac 10 defense! (I'm kidding ya'll) USC's D wasn't spectacular at all, lots of missed tackles. Texas' defense played pretty well but really didn't do enough to upset Leinart's timing. Of course its near impossible to stop that Leinart-Jarrett combo. Michael Huff... hasn't been talked about much, but that guy can tackle, some of those tackles were jaw dropping in my opinion. Griffin's INT in the endzone was impressive. But most importantly the front stepped up HUGE on the fourth downs.

Coaching... USC got outcoached. I'm not questioning Carroll's ability, I'm just saying he got outcoached. For much of the first half the Trojans looked completely unfocused, as my dad described it: nonchalant (for most of the first half both teams looked unfocused actually). In the second half USC wasted all three of their timeouts, most seriously in the 2pt conversion situation. His defense looked weak to say the least. Some of those designed runs or whatever they were, were as sure as the sun rising tomorrow. Their defense looked unprepared to face a running QB. Finally as I mentioned before- the two 4th down calls were weak, obvious, and conservative. Yes I realize it took balls to go for it in the first place, but please do something the entire country isn't waiting for.

The game itself... simply an all-time classic. Besides LSU's demolition of Miami it was the most I've enjoyed a game this bowl season. Both teams came to play, they looked a bit slow in the first half, but the second half was amazing. My hat goes off to both teams. I thank them. USC's run was simply incredible. Two national championships (one shared of course!, 34 games, blah blah blah go watch ESPN. That backfield was the best I've ever seen. Dwayne Jarrett doesn't get enough publixity. Texas... well I can't say I like them but I was impressed. It was pretty cool at the end to hear the Eyes of Texas. Anyway I fully expect Young to declare, hopefully the Longhorns will wait another 35 years for a title.

Great game, everybody enjoyed it. Congratulations to the Longhorns.


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