Friday, January 06, 2006

Ryan's End of the Year Top 25

1. Texas- No real doubt here, very deserving certainly
2. Southern Cal- Sooo close to three-pete (or two-pete considering your take on 2004)
3. Penn State- Deserves the #3 spot, probably should have taken care of FSU a little better
4. Ohio State- Did a nice number on Notre Dame, a top contender next year
5. LSU- One of the most satisfying victories in a long time
6. West Virginia- Big win against Georgia, ought to have held it together though
7. Virginia Tech- Its hard to like these guys after the antics of Vick
8. Georgia- Those first 17 or 18 minutes were appalling, feel bad for Shock that they didn't win
9. Alabama- Has there ever been an uglier kick?
10. Notre Dame- Why all the hype? The Irish definitely were beaten in every phase
11. Wisconsin- Out-performed Auburn, Stocco, Calhoun, and Williams were all clutch
12. UCLA- I have a grudging respect for these guys
13. TCU- The OU win now looks very very impressive
14. Oregon- Credibility diminished with the Holiday Bowl loss
15. Florida- Vernell Brown's TD was pretty cool, benefitted in a severe way from refereeing decisions
16. Auburn- I hope Herbstreit watched the Cap One Bowl
17. Oklahoma- Progressed steadily over the course of the season
18. Boston College- Nothing spectacular really, should have taken care of Boise
19. Louisville- They had a real chance against VT but didn't take it at all
20. Florida State- Their great game against Orange Bowl puts them this high
21. Clemson- All those close losses early on really hurt them, they could have been in Jacksonville or Atlanta instead of playing Colorado
22. Nebraska- Good win against Michigan, they are starting to find their way again
23. California- Good win, solid season
24. Toledo- Best in the MAC this year
25. Navy- Underrated, came up with a real good win against Colorado State

After that performance by Miami they don't deserve to be ranked, and Texas Tech isn't ranked because their "high-powered" offense looked like a joke in the Cotton Bowl.


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