Thursday, January 05, 2006

Texas 41 USC 38

Well I'm sure if you've meandered over here even though I haven't done anything in a couple months you've already read ALL about this game. This game was particularly interesting because I hate both of these teams, which I will explain in a minute, and by halftime I was comparing Young and Leinart to see which I would love to see in black and gold next year.

First I really can't stand USC for the same reason a lot of LSU fans don't like USC, they stole our thunder a couple years back. I'm pretty much over that now, but like many CFB fans I can't stand the USC overkill that was overflowing from ESPN's toilet for the past month.

Second I hate Texas because they are Texas. It helps that LSU and Texas are often mired in recruiting battles (see the battle for Vince Young and the battle for Ryan Perilloux). Also there is a sizeable contingent of LSU students from Texas who are always gushing at the gills with their love for the Longhorns. Once you step foot on Highland or Nicholson or Raphael Semmes or wherever your heart belongs to the Tigers. Fuck the Longhorns man.

Leinart vs. Young- Before the game I was all about Leinart in black and gold. To me Young was too similar to Brooks, all raw talent, little inteligence. But after Leinart looked okay in the first half and Young played well I had second thoughts. But after Young's jaw-dropping performance in the second half, well I didn't care about what Leinart did, Young was amazing. Who do I want for the Saints with the second pick in the draft? Vince Young baby.

More to come on the game later.


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